Why online conveyancing is the way of the future

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Fast-track your conveyancing service

If you're new to the home buying process, you may be a little overwhelmed by the prospect of having a conveyancer. A conveyancer is someone who will act for you in the selling or buying of property. The word is old-fashioned and may conjure up visions of heavy paperwork, endless forms and exorbitant fees. But did you know that it's now possible for most of your conveyancing to be done online at a fraction of the traditional cost?

  • Online conveyancing enables faster reviews of legal and fiscal documents.
  • It offers up-to-date notifications wherever you are and faster email/phone response times.
  • It allows you to log-in and check the progress of document signings anytime.
  • It eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings with your conveyancer and accelerates the process by granting you access to a whole team of legal practitioners.

Online conveyancing is becoming more and more popular as a way of fast-tracking the often protracted process of buying or selling a property.

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Faster conveyancing

We are all time-strapped in today's fast-paced world, and most of us simply don't have the time required to sit through the traditional process of face-to-face meetings with a conveyancer in an office. This is where online conveyancing services can help—while they eliminate the traditional handshake and polite chit-chat, they are designed to save you time and money in the long run.

Almost anything can be done online these days, and conveyancing is no exception. If you want to get your conveyancing done quickly, you'll find that online conveyancing helps minimise the time involved and make the whole process much more manageable.

With online conveyancing, every step of the purchase or sale is recorded online, which means it's as simple as logging in from your computer or smartphone to check if things are moving forward. Automatically generated SMS or email messages enable you to find out in real-time when documents are signed, or papers are approved. All bank transfers are automatically deposited or withdrawn from the accounts you designate, and notifications are sent to you as soon as they're actioned.

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Broader experience

Due to the nature of online conveyancing, you will have multiple staff handling your documents, which is a major advantage when it comes to resolving any problematic situations that may arise. According to the adage, two heads are better than one, and with online conveyancing, you get a whole team of conveyancing professionals and legal practitioners using their combined expertise to handle complex property negotiations instead of one.

A local conveyancer may claim that they 're more familiar with issues that come from property title transfers in a particular suburb, but the experience that an online conveyancer has gleaned from handling property transfers across multiple suburbs cannot be underestimated. The ability to think outside of the box is crucial to a good conveyancer, and online conveyancers are just as committed as local conveyancers to providing you with a great service.

Why choose Conveyancing.com?

At Conveyancing.com, we can help you get your conveyancing done in as little as 48 hours. Whether you are a first home buyer or a large-scale property developer, our experienced team of qualified lawyers can provide expert advice and guide you to the best possible outcome in the quickest possible timeframe. We follow the same legal steps as normal conveyancers, but we use online processes to speed up the three key stages in a conveyancing transaction:

  • Before contract
  • Before settlement
  • After settlement

We ensure all documents are prepared accurately within a short timeframe and we follow stringent cyber-security measures and procedures around verification of identity (VOI). We are transparent about what we offer you regarding service, and if you happen to be overseas or interstate while you're buying or selling a property, we can guarantee you get instant updates and feedback on crucial matters.

Conveyancing.com brings you a dedicated and experienced team of legal practitioners who are experts in property law and equipped to give you advice along the way if something goes wrong. Conventional conveyancers can't do that. We don't use incomprehensible jargon when explaining the legal components of your conveyancing service, and we do value your time. We offer faster and more straightforward solutions for document handling, signing and payments for settlements to enable shorter turnaround times for all parties involved.

Our conveyancing service is accredited with an ISO 9001 certification. This ensures our firm operates under strict quality management system requirements that are recognised globally.

If you'd like to learn more about how to fast-track the process when it comes to buying or selling your property in Melbourne, get in touch with us at Conveyancing.com today.

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